Falls from height are a major cause of serious workplace injury and fatalities. If the risk of a fall cannot be designed out and working at height can’t be avoided, preventing falls using collective edge protection is one of the safest methods. Therefore, it is very important that employers have effective safety measures in place to reduce the risk for their employees.

Dani Aluminium have been manufacturing aluminium safety railings for the most diverse applications since 1999. We have manufactured systems for a wide variety of projects, including hotels, airports, shopping centres, industrial plants, gymnasiums, hospitals, schools and administrative buildings. Due to our systems being manufactured in-house, we can meet any project requirements.

Tested and Certified

Our collective edge protection systems have been certified in static and dynamic tests by independent, accredited testing institutes according to standard NF E 85-015 and in static tests according to standard EN ISO 14122-3 and EN 13374 – class A.

Meeting Any Project Requirement


Our free-standing, ballasted railing system guarantees safety during maintenance and servicing for work being completed on non-publicly accessed flat roofs. Barrial free-standing fulfils all legal requirements for permanent collective protection against falls and is certified according to EN1090-1

  • Penetration-free
  • No issues related to existing roof warranty
  • Eliminates thermal bridging
  • Rapidly assembled due to off site fabrication
  • Counterweights made of 100% recycled PVC


Choosing collective protective solutions removes the need for recurrent obligations in terms of documentation, testing and training, which are absolutely necessary for lesser protective solutions.

Using our differing, innovative shoes, Barrial fixed can be fitted to a wide variety of roofs including inside the parapet, to the façade and in combination with our own unique Couvernet-parapet coping.

A Bespoke Service

Dani Aluminium offer comprehensive, competent support from planning right through to the installation stage. Our systems are tried and trusted for more than 18 years.

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