Dani Aluminium have been designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative aluminium systems across Europe for over 40 years.

Why we use aluminium

Aluminium is a high performing construction material that is incredibly durable. Our roof edge protection systems are tested and compliant to all UK required standards. Being manufactured from the highest-grade aluminium, ensures they are strong, corrosion-resistant and always fit for purpose. Using ‘Barrial’ from Dani Alu safeguards your roof over a much longer lifespan than alternative, heavier materials.

Extruded slimline posts and small diameter rails make Barrial edge protection systems the most aesthetically pleasing system of choice. Moreover, Barrial is available in several free-standing and all conceivable fixed options, meeting any roof edge protection requirement. Involving Dani Alu Ltd at the design and specification stage can achieve a surprisingly cost-effective and compliant solution.

Aluminium is unique due to its high strength to weight ratio. Being one-third the weight of steel, our roof edge protection systems are lightweight weight; making them easier to transport, handle on site and install, reducing the risk of work-related injury. Thanks to aluminium’s inherent sturdiness, you can be certain that our Barrial systems will provide a perfect solution for your project.

Besides routine cleaning for aesthetic reasons, neither bare nor our powder-coated aluminium roof edge protection systems require any maintenance unlike some alternatives. With a minimal amount of maintenance needed, lifetime costs are reduced significantly, further exemplifying why aluminium is the material of choice for roof edge protection.

Once your building has come to its end of life, our aluminium roof edge protection systems are easily recycled. Aluminium can be repeatedly recycled using sustainable processes, ensuring that users of our systems can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable construction.

Dani Aluminium’s roof edge protection systems are the perfect solution for both new build and retrofit projects. With our Barrial systems there is no risk of rust, decay or denaturing over time and using a modular design, installation is effortless for any project requirement.

For more information, please visit our website – www.danialu.co.uk