Couvernet is an aluminium coping which prevents water infiltration, whether the walls are sealed or not. These copings are available in various secret fixed solutions, which allow free expansion. The system comprises fixed supports, copings and accessories (angles, T-pieces and special factory-manufactured pieces.) The system comprises fixing supports, copings and accessories (angles, T-pieces and special factory-manufactured pieces). We will work to provide a solution for any design idea.

Technical characteristics


The system is characterised by a fixing that allows free expansion on non-visible supports. The supports are available in five versions:

  • automatic supports
  • standard supports
  • ribbed supports
  • insulated parapet support ‘Console system’
  • insulated parapet support ‘Thermal plate’

The different supports allow you to adapt the system to any given design and are even compatible with the combined installation of a Barrial roof edge protection system.


Three patterns of copings are available:

  • symmetrical
  • asymmetrical
  • with required pitch (up to 25°)

Two designs of copings are available:

  • rounded edges

These add a more attractive touch; make the coping easy to clip on and provide better drainage for rainwater.

  •  square edges

To compliment, joint cover strips provide a perfect finish at junctions. A combination of the various elements of the system allows it to be adapted to all circumstances.

Detailed setting out drawing

Made to measure and ready to install; packaged and reference by roof area and accompanied by a plan layout completed by dani alu ensures quick and trouble-free installation.


  • Mill finished aluminium
  • Anodised aluminium: treated aluminium, matt satin appearance, recommended near the sea or in a polluted atmosphere
  • Danilac powder coating to your selected RAL color


The recommendation of the type of Couvernet system will vary according to the dimensions of the parapet wall; the coping; and the height and accessibility of the building.

A certain number of indications are given in this documentation for the most typical cases.

Our design office is at your service to define, right from the sketch design phase, the most suitable style of Couvernet for your particular case.

In order to guarantee the weather tightness and the perfect finishing of the system, all the elements of the system are made to measure in the factory, based on the given site dimensions.