Total Glass Balustrades

Panorama G is a total glass balustrade system that can be used with 21 or 25 mm toughened safety glass.

Total Glass Balustrade System (Panorama G)

Panorama G is a total glass balustrade system for private and public use terraces, balconies and interior areas.

Panorama G utilises laminated safety glass making for excellent active and passive safety features. It is splinter-binding and thus injury-inhibiting and the system requires no additional drilling of mounting holes.

Always Aluminium

Aluminium is a high performing construction material that is incredibly durable and unique due to its high strength to weight ratio. Being manufactured from the highest-grade aluminium our systems are certain to be strong, corrosion-resistant and always fit for purpose. Being lightweight weight; our aluminium systems are easy to transport, handle on-site and install, reducing the risk of work-related injury. Thanks to aluminium’s inherent sturdiness, you can be certain that our Barrial systems will provide a perfect solution for your project.

Quick & easy assembly

The sophisticated, installation-friendly solution allows rapid, trouble-free insertion of the glass. No additional drilling of mounting holes. A wide range of accessories helps you to install this complete solution quickly and easily. Standard profile lengths of up to 3000 mm and optionally up to 6000 mm.

Aesthetically pleasing

Panorama G is particularly suitable for curved glass applications and it comes in variations with coloured and printed films. Additionally, Panorama can come in lacquered and printed glass, either transparent or opaque.

Toughened safety glass

Panorama utilises toughened safety glass offering outstanding active and passive safety properties. It is non-shattering and therefore inhibits injuries. All products also comply with the technical standards with regard to fall protection.

Toughened safety glass is suitable for all types of parapets and balustrades in the private or public domain and for both indoor and outdoor use.

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