Free-Standing Balustrading

Aluminium freestanding terrace balustrades for public and private roof areas

Free-Standing Balustrade System (Panorama P-ST)

‘Panorama P-ST®’ is a freestanding balustrade from Dani Alu offering a non-penetrative, aluminium balustrade system suitable for all designs and styles of publicly accessible balcony and roof terraces.


Always Aluminium

The system is unique in more ways than one.  Panorama is entirely manufactured from lightweight aluminium components which help minimises the roof load making it the perfect solution for both new build and retro-fit projects.

Furthermore, the use of aluminium allows for a modular approach, allows for flexible design and layout options and makes for simple installation process – great for any roof top application.

Making Flat Roofs an Asset

A communal space on a new-build apartment block; a break-out space for employees on an existing building; rooftop drinks at a coastal retreat – whatever the use, Panorama C-ST is a quick, simple and highly cost-effective solution that allows the realisation of your flat roof as an asset, giving much greater value to the building and occupiers experience.

Innovative Design

Our patented system firstly utilises a balustrade holder allowing 5 position alignment of the vertical posts, compensating for any unevenness in the roof surface. Stability and safety of the system is provided by base rails with load support plates.  The use of baluster plates, results in the balustrade not requiring any penetration through the roof membrane and creates no sound transmission or thermal bridging through the roof.

Why Freestanding?

Panorama C-ST can be installed independently of all other roofing works.  The non-penetrative approach enables Panorama to be simply installed without invalidating any existing roofing warranties.  Great for new-build or a later addition as it sits on top of the roof with no fixings through, or upstands/supports required.  Being non-penetrating it prevents sound transmission in to the building and causes no thermal bridging affect.

Your project - Your choice

Simply choose how you want the finished product to look.

IN-FILL PANELS: Glass, rails or solid panel infills

HANDRAIL: Square or rounded handrails and vertical bars

INSTALLATION: What is your preferred ballaster?  We will help advise on ballast weight and system post centres based on the ideal system layout

COLOUR: Any RAL colour of your choice for the aluminium and glass finish options to choose from.

ACCESS: Add a gate to your design, standard product, standard size

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