Safe Access Routes

Barrial Korridor is a safe passage, evacuation and rescue route system

Safe Access Routes (Barrial Korridor)

  • Height adjustment up to 300 mm
  • Freestanding, without piercing waterproofing
  • Total roof demarcation
  • Various passage width available
  • Patented fixing, without pre-drilling
  • Installation with little materials
  • In accordance with the regulation, tested and approved
  • Untreated aluminum finish or painted in RAL colors
  • Specific design for school and nursery


Always Aluminium

Aluminium is a high performing construction material that is incredibly durable and unique due to its high strength to weight ratio. Being manufactured from the highest-grade aluminium our systems are certain to be strong, corrosion-resistant and always fit for purpose. Being lightweight weight; our aluminium systems are easy to transport, handle on-site and install, reducing the risk of work-related injury. Thanks to aluminium’s inherent sturdiness, you can be certain that our Barrial systems will provide a perfect solution for your project.

No Trip Hazards

Utilising our safe access route system on your roof, the possibility of trips and falls occurring decreasing significantly as roof users are confined to safe access routes.

Total Roof Demarcation

Barrial Korridor offers a high-quality solution to total roof demarcation. Korridor can be used for the purpose of preventing access to hazards during regular rooftop maintenance by creating a safe route to and from the workplace.

Your Project - Your Choice

POSTS: straight, curved, angled or folding

COLOUR: mill finished aluminium, anodised, any RAL colour of your choice

ACCESS: add a gate to your design, standard product, standard size

TOEBOARD: Add a toeboard if your roof parapet is less then 150mm

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