Roof Demarcation

Roof demarcation

Roof Demarcation System

Delimit is a roof-to-terrace markup system that allows access to certain work areas to be defined or a tracking area to be re-created.

It is made of aluminium posts, weighted by counterweights and connected by a chain.

Always Aluminium

Aluminium is a high performing construction material that is incredibly durable and unique due to its high strength to weight ratio. Being manufactured from the highest-grade aluminium our systems are certain to be strong, corrosion-resistant and always fit for purpose. Being lightweight weight; our aluminium systems are easy to transport, handle on-site and install, reducing the risk of work-related injury. Thanks to aluminium’s inherent sturdiness, you can be certain that our Barrial systems will provide a perfect solution for your project.


Our counterweights are made from 100% recycled PVC. They are UV and weather resistant and are compatible with all common, commercially available sealing membranes. Recessed handles allow for safe transport and high carrying comfort, whilst the counterweights design makes them stackable onsite, saving space. The counterweight material does not react with any roof membrane or surface and creates no thermal bridging.

Quick And Easy Installation

Our products are easy to install, ensuring a quick and trouble-free installation in any environment.

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