Fixed Roof Edge Protection

Aluminium safety railings

Fixed Roof Edge Protection (Barrial)

Barrial fixed edge protection is a permanent system for the protection against falls from height suitable for all applications. Any conceivable way of fixing to a floor or roof can be achieved with Barrial.

Barrial fixed is in compliance with BS EN 13374-A and BS EN 14122-3.

Always Aluminium

Aluminium is a high performing construction material that is incredibly durable and unique due to its high strength to weight ratio. Being manufactured from the highest-grade aluminium our systems are certain to be strong, corrosion-resistant and always fit for purpose. Being lightweight weight; our aluminium systems are easy to transport, handle on-site and install, reducing the risk of work-related injury. Thanks to aluminium’s inherent sturdiness, you can be certain that our Barrial systems will provide a perfect solution for your project.

Fixed To The Inside Or Outside Of The Parapet

Barrial Fixed can be fitted to both the inside or outside of the parapet. This method is the simplest and most economical means of fixing when the technical pre-requisites for installation (adequate parapet height) are fulfilled. The system offers a particularly attractive solution when combined with our Couvernet-parapet coping. This method is also ideal for parapets with thermal insulation.

Fixing To The Top Of The Parapet Wall

The Z shoe is suitable for most flat roofs (where the heights of the parapet walls are generally insufficient for a face fixing.)
It acts as a fixing to the top of the parapet wall, thus avoiding the need to pierce the roofing upstand or flashing.
  • Minimum width of parapet wall: 120 mm
  • maximum slope of the support: 5°

Compatible with our Couvernet coping system

Fixed To The Roof Or Floor Slab

This system with its various accessories offers a reliable solution for installing the Barrial railings in the roof build up with different structural thicknesses.
The support flange of the aluminium sleeve gaskets is primed on both sides and is integrated within the roof membranes.

Fixing To A Metal Roof

Regardless of whether sandwich, standing seam, border seam or flat roofs with metal roof supporting shells are involved, we offer solutions for the widest array of roof variants.
The metal roof systems developed by us offer the ideal technical connection for collective protection against falls.

Your project - Your choice

POSTS: straight, curved, angled or folding

COLOUR: mill finished aluminium, anodised, any RAL colour of your choice

ACCESS: add a gate to your design, standard product, standard size

TOEBOARD: Add a toeboard if your roof parapet is less then 150mm



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