Aluminium Roofline Products

Dani Aluminium is a market leading manufacturer of aluminium rainwater and roofline products

Aluminium coping systems (Couvernet®)

Couvernet® is an aluminium coping system which prevents water infiltration, whether the walls are sealed or not. These coping have invisible fixtures allowing free expansion. This type of cover protects parapet walls, insulation, water-tightness of the roof, as well as the roof’s façade. Couvernet is also compatible with Barrial balcony railings/balustrades.

The system is characterised by a fixing that allows free expansion on non-visible supports.

The supports are available in five versions:

  • automatic supports
  • standard supports
  • ribbed supports
  • insulated parapet support ‘Console system’
  • insulated parapet support ‘Thermal plate’

Aluminium roof edging and parapet wall raising piece system (Rivnet)

Rivnet is an extruded aluminium roof edging and parapet wall raising piece system.

The roof edging strips have two essential functions: –

  • the function of a drainage or weather drip strip, to keep rainwater away from the external wall facings and thus protect them;
  • to provide a stop for and to make good the roof covering at the edge of the parapet wall.

Parapet wall raising pieces

In addition to these two functions, the parapet wall raising pieces also raise the roof covering above the level of the existing parapet wall. The parapet wall raising piece is used when the height of the parapet wall does not comply with the regulations, for example, after the addition of insulation on the roof.

Aluminium flashing Systems (Solinet)

Roof flashing covering upstands with or without EWIS

Solinet is designed to protect against rainwater, for the insulation of flat roofs with or without slabs on pads, for public works and for the mechanical fixing of PVC membranes.

The Solinet® range is deliverable in standard length of 3000 mm and factory-drilled at 300 mm centres. Each length is stamped with the dani alu guarantee trademark.

Solinet®  features:

  • Complete range for roof-terrace inaccessible, accessible and isolated
  • Extruded profile with technical approval
  • Double joint system

Always Aluminium

The system is unique in more ways than one.  Panorama is entirely manufactured from lightweight aluminium components which help minimises the roof load making it the perfect solution for both new build and retro-fit projects.

Furthermore, the use of aluminium allows for a modular approach, allows for flexible design and layout options and makes for simple installation process – great for any roof top application.

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